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After settling into the office, we will go over a few upfront details such as confidentiality, length of sessions (50 minutes unless otherwise agree upon), how to leave me messages between sessions for appointment changes, etc.  We will talk about what happens in therapy so that you will be able to make an informed consent about your therapy.  We will then talk about your story, what you are hoping for and together determine some preferred outcomes and therapy plan for yourself and your situation.

Each session is 50 minutes unless we have agree upon a longer time ahead of time.

Ultimately the length of therapy depends on your goals and what pace you can work on things. Together, we will figure how therapy is working for you and if you are getting your hoped-for results.

Sessions are paid for generally, at the time of each appointment with cash, etransfer, master card or visa.  Receipts are provided to assist with insurance claims, if applicable.

Once in the interior entrance area, if I am not waiting for you, please call 204.803.5531 and I will buzz you in to the interior waiting area.

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